Life Members

Our Life Members

The German Ladies’ General Benevolent Society has a many dedicated members. The following women have lifetime membership with our organization:

  • Maria Juliana Blanz
  • Gisela Brugger
  • Inge Byrnes
  • Brenda Byrnes Weiss
  • Miriam Detert
  • Heike Harrison
  • Samantha Harrison-Shore
  • Miss Lisa Jacobs
  • Asheley Linnenbach
  • Christine Linnenbach
  • Doris Linnenbach
  • Gisela Lloyd
  • Jacqueline Lloyd
  • Evelyn Schlosser
  • Elena Schlosser-Carlson
  • Eva Schlosser-Gordon
  • Elke von Schlosser
  • Eleanor Werner

Lifetime Membership

The Board of Directors encourages current members to become a lifetime member of the German Ladies General Benevolent Society if they wish. To become a Lifetime Member, current members can send a $2,000.00 check with the next dues notice.

Becoming a Lifetime Member indicates a continual commitment to the Society, and allows the Finance Committee to use this donation to help further our mission. We hope you will consider joining as a special member this year.

Lifetime Membership