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The life’s blood of every organization is the support and participation of its members. The German Ladies General Benevolent Society is proud that we have a membership of 245 members, who support the charitable mission of our Society. It is our intent to ensure that the Society remains active so that it is able to continue its mission for many years to come.






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Who Can Become a Member

Any woman of German descent over the age of eighteen (18) years who is interested in our mission and who satisfies one of the following three criteria:

(a) of German origin,

(b) German speaking, or

(c) related to a Member of the Society,

may become a Regular Member upon approval of the membership application by the Board and on timely payment of such dues as the Board may fix from time to time.

Prospective members must be sponsored by two members in good standing and approved by the Board of Directors. Members pay nominal annual dues.

How to Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can download our membership application and fill it in. Please then contact us at 415.391.9947 or email us for further information and instruction.

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Lifetime Membership

The Board of Directors encourages current members to become a lifetime member of the German Ladies General Benevolent Society if they wish. To become a Lifetime Member, current members can send a $2,000.00 check with the next dues notice.

Becoming a Lifetime Member indicates a continual commitment to the Society, and allows the Finance Committee to use this donation to help further our mission. We hope you will consider joining as a special member this year.